What would WordPress be if I was not allowed to post on blogs, minimal software requirements such as a hosting environment and some sort of photo gallery. Going to Google you’d likely see the top results: WordPress.com, WordPress.org and WordPress.net. And you’d be looking at the same results if you ran a search for the word ‘lets say’ or even better, if you were using sites like Squidoo and Tumblr, the results would be practically identical.

One of the things I love really about WordPress is that it’s a rapidly changing exciting platform that not only helps out bloggers but also developers of all sizes and shapes and sizes of enterprises alike. Being accepted and accepted into the WordPress loophole is a great achievement in itself!

Well… maybe not the all-time leading blogging platform of choice and rank above WordPress.com, WordPress.org and even the very successful WordPress.com but it definitely is a very popular and and widely used blogging platform used by millions of webmasters all over the world.

What most current statistics have not yet told you, are the statistics for PokerClub88.com sites. Everyone who posts on the WordPress platform adds a unique bit of code on the root folder, then it’s displayed to the world by search engines. The problem is, if you’re using an unbranded version like a free one, or a one-time – shabby designed – version that doesn’t even have a unique domain name you’re safety deposit box for all those initial plug-ins and videos, themes, plugins, and cool widgets.

If our web developer had registered a WordPress.com domain and we used that; why not? There’s all sorts of other cool plug-ins, themes, features and applications beyond the basic structure, user features such as the ability to promote, create polls and create online stores etc. and that would help increase WordPress popularity too, in my opinion.

As far as the market place is concerned, WordPress.com sites in their current version are essential for a small business and it’s their responsibility to get more links, increase their market share and of course promote their sites, models and perhaps services. This can go a long way towards encouragingrecord saleswhich can assist with paid search traffic.

Another benefit of having a WordPress.com site is that it is much, much easier to use than an unbranded WordPress site. There are a lot of WordPress themes and widgets and other programmes to get you posting in WordPress.com straight away, what’s even more important is to have some of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have a look at WordPress at some point.

WordPress.com sites have effectively automated some of the work that you need to do manually to post. Plugins such as WordPress SEO Tweaks or the categorizeeverything plugins allow you to define the particular keywords you want to rank as well as track each of you post keyword ranking.

Having an instant blog (briefly) and a site with all the features of a full website, all through WordPress.com can be a nightmare if you’re searching for a short period of time when they could be abandoned. If you choose to convert your existing WordPress.com site to WordPress or an expert WordPress developer can help you by creating a full HTML site with high design standards, SEO functionality and a professional design and structure, starting out with a basic platform and moving to a more powerful solution with more features in the future.

Now that you know exactly the advantages of WordPress.com, as a beginner or a proven online business tool.

What Would WordPress Be?