Who has not heard about Twitter. ComScore states that Twitter had more than 3.1 billion views during the 30 days of December 2008, a figure which is constantly increasing steadily. On the 1st of December there are set to be an estimated 40 billion tweets in the world, an amount which has increased by 62% since December of 2007. And don’t worry Twitter is still growing, reaching a total of approximately 60 million tweets every day, a number which increases exponentially in October 2009.

While Twitter may be the future of publishing information, how can you use it to create an income from your blog. There are some ways through which one can use Twitter to drive traffic to your website, one simple method being the method of promoting affiliate products. Link Your Affiliate Product Using Twitter

By far Twitter is one of the simplest ways in which you can promote an affiliate product on your website and it is also quite trustworthy. First of all you must register yourself with Twitter. Follow the instructions given in the Twitter Help Center. You will need to input a business Twitter username and password.

Next you must find a quality product to promote. If you do not already have a website then you can start by using twitter as you will simply be setting up a Twitter page and not a website. Click on the ‘Sign up now or Register as a new account link’ link and enter your email details in order to create a new account. Choose one which will include you preferred Twitter username and password.

The twitter interface allows you to link to your website and/or use twitter to direct traffic to your affiliate product(s). From the Twitter homepage, enter the URL of your site and/or affiliate product web page into the box which says ‘Share the URL’. By using the ‘LINK TO THIS PAGE’ field you can direct Twitter traffic to you website by adding a link.

Choose the field which will say ‘Tweet this’, and type in the URL of your affiliate website or the page which will have an offer for you to promote someone else’s product. This is the field that will help you to build trust with Twitter. The website/affiliate site will appear in the ‘SEND ME TO Printed PAGE’ field. Click ‘bole, enough with the typing and do I need a Twitter? No. Back now to the main Twitter page.

There are two ways in which you can use Twitter to promote your affiliate product. The first way is to directly promote your product on Twitter by adding your affiliate name directly to your ‘Tweet this’ or ‘Link to this page’ fields, as mentioned above. The second way to use Twitter is to use just your website domain in the ‘Tweet this’ field. The difference between the two cases is your product is not linked to a URL. To do this, you can choose the ‘SEND ME TO PRIMARY PAGE’ field. You put in ‘your domain name’ and Amazon will send your visitors to the page. Click the ‘Next’ button and enter the URL of your affiliate website and click the ‘Send’ button to finish.

According to Chris Crum, the title of his article, this is what Shach approximates:

Whichever method you choose, once the affiliate website is linked ( laticed if the option is available), you can even direct visitors from tweeters to your lapak303 website. Make sure you include your affiliate product in the natural flow of your tweets. There is no point in sending people to pages, if you promote affiliate programs or not.

From your affiliate product website, reference a recommendation that is relative and useful to the followers. You are intending to condition them should your affiliate product is recommended in regard to the importance of the niche.

Every person following you has subscribed because their interest or curiosity was piqued by what you had to say. Prevent, however, any follow someone who has no interest in your website or affiliate product. This will form an Advertisement for your affiliate website or product and would be treated as a ‘NONIMITIVE COMMENT’ and you will be using Twitter to generate a hassle.

peril is the tendency to promote your affiliate products to people who have no interest in them. If you have your website or affiliate product on Twitter, ensure your product or website is relevant. Don’t you know what will happen if someone who has no interest in someone has the same interest in something else.

The beauty of Twitter is its instantaneous response to your posting, unlike conventional e-mail, which could take weeks before you receive a response. Twitter does not only stay online, it is instantly responsive. You can ask the question “Have you heard about this affiliate product”. When you receive no answer, you can still go to the next line, making your answer complete to the point.

How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Twitter