There are many lottery scam emails going around and since there have been many alerts about them; the scammers have come up with more creative ways to try and convince people that these emails are legitimate.

The emails touted as lottery guides or systems promise a way to win the lotto that is “easy” and “risk free”. They use terms like, the brain is the key andEveryone knows that in the game of life, increasing knowledge is key.

Many people are blind to what is going on in the lottery game because they are in the “money” and they have not a clue. Others are in the know and they are willing to educate others.

The emails may sound legit and may sound like an honest mistake , but the people who get scammed are the ones that are unwilling to education others on the tactics used by the fraudsters.

One of the tactics used by the scamsters is called mixing and matching. This is where they take two separate lotto tickets and the numbers on each ticket should never be in the same order. The order of numbers on the ticket is blacklisted as a “scam” by the lottery and the people who Reveal what they know.

Dewatogel scam emails aim to do one of two things, they either want to cause fear in the audience or they just want the audience to ask questions about what they have “learned” through their emails.

Most of the emails that people receive are spam, they are ugly lists of characters that have been lifted from the headlines. The fact is the emails always come from people that have been exposed and have found that they can scam others. The idea is that the scammers prey on people who are down on their luck and who have low self esteem.

The idea that people would use their tax money to fund a scam like this is just wrong and is not legal. These people should go to jail.

The organisers of the UK National Lottery, Camelot, have had their website and email alert services monitored for behaviour which may be suspicious all day, but this has not stopped people being targeted.

Your email address is a very easy way to scam people and you should think about setting up a password, this will be your “passport” to scamming. Having a Passport is the number one rule for traveling in the magic land and the number two rule if you are arriving in the land of the slaters. Passports are registered forms you must complete to enter the land of theoyle.

Most people send their Passports to their friends and family, other people complete Passports for them and this Registration becomes their secret weapon in the land of the fantasy people. When a landau of a different gender than yourselfuba contacts you on the phone asking for money or a share of the profits moved out by the win, you need to know about this before you do anything stupid.

Here are some things to do to protect yourself:

• Set up a daily or weekly limit so you can place a bet without being anxious about the result of the day.

• Don’t make bets you can’t afford to lose, play with safe money and with a spare $25, pocket the $25 and don’t place a bet under those conditions.

• Ask friends or family who have won lotteries to spread the word. Make sure you get a list of tips, and winning hints from people who have extensive experience. You can also ask the local lotto shops for their advice.

The fact is that you are much better off safe than sorry, and the only gamblers who fall for this are the ones who lose their money to the winners.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Lottery