Roulette is a fun betting game and one which is often played during the gaming heats. It is a fairly simple game to learn and you have to do but on the other hand the excitement associated with the game is higher than other gambling sports. Anyhow people are playing roulette today just to win and earn money. The growing number of casinos offering roulette have led to a situation where these gaming joints have to buy in a lot of license fees and so they have growing money business.

However that’s yesterday and today casino owners are woke up to the fact that huge amount of cash comes in utilizing roulette betting and that’s why most of them invested in the roulette machines. Their business just got a whole lot bigger than before. And just as today there are many rules that are applicable regarding roulette and yet most of the time there are no hard and fast rules as far as their working process is concerned.

Today you can play roulette and earn lots of money if you are credulous and talented enough. But if you are asking what do they do to get such money then the answer is simply they prey on the hopeful believing that he can too. These are the people who believe that it is within their power to earn such money if they too are talented. This can be true for a certain extent but Beware! The might not be possible just out of luck.

It takes a certain amount of skill to be a good dealer or a gambler of the game roulette. If you are going to learn how to Wag the game, then be sure that you are not turned into another of the clubby casino players. This might ruin your playing abilities once you are in the casino and if you are really a good dealer then you can earn the money being a dealer without having to wager.

The granddaddy of all roulette players was Big astonishment Winslet who later became a very wealthy furniture maker in Gelderland, USA. He built a casino called Givenchy ininfeld, New York. It is there that he started his career as a gamble dealer and within a short time became the Big astonishment Winslet. A very accomplished man, he died broke in his sleep in the year1915 at the age of 83. Ever since then he reldom comes to mind unless someone wants to reminisce.

Later on, when the speed of the mechanically operated roulette wheels became a bit better, a man by the name of Francois Blanc developed the first true system of roulette playing. He loved roulette so much that he dedicated his life to it and in spite of his sturdy fifty years of age, he devoted the next thirty six years of his life to studying how to win at roulette. He published a book called ” Dewabet Roulette, Or, The Attemptedchers of Gambling” in which he taught his methods of playing roulette. It is in this book that he introduced the term, “Martingale” system.

For this system, you have to play a series of numbers on the roulette table, beginning from 0 and ending at 36. If you pass a particular stage (for example, the 37th number which is the double zero), you have to start your series over again from the beginning. In this way, you are not making a mistake and although you lose at every turn, you are making small losses instead of large ones. His approach was a bit bizarre even at that time and because of that, he earned the scorn of all players.

Ometime, many oddsmakers, as a result of this strategy of his, invented a single strategy of betting on numbers that would give the house only a small edge. This is the reason why in virtually all houses outside of America, the house advantage under standard conditions is about 5.26 percent. This is enough to explain the fact that in all the casinos, the highest edges are against the players.

Today, we all know about the crap games, be they slot machines, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. Most of these are based solely on mathematics and so are increasingly harder to beat. However, there are some games, most notably craps, that still prove to be very difficult to beat either via the strategy or by the house edge. Therefore, the strategies are advanced and the house edge is often low. In fact, the house edge for many casino games is around 0.7 percent.

There are many books online that defy the beginner in many different ways. Many teach no strategy at all, some only teach the act of throwing the ball into the middle of the table to keep the dice from spinning. Once you understand the bets, and even the different bets, you can start to teach yourself the discipline so that you can make money.

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